Five Tips For New Hijabis in Pakistan

If you're a beginner in the world of wearing hijab, it's highly likely that you have numerous queries. Embarking on this journey and covering oneself up is not an easy task; it can prove to be quite intricate. It may so happen that one might lack acquaintances who are experienced with veiling and could guide them through the process which sometimes poses challenges while adapting to Hijabi lifestyle. Regardless if you already possess years worth experience or just starting new, our tips for incorporating modest fashion into your daily life will most surely assist  every aspiring/hopeful/curious person out there!

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Start out with a print you love

If you're new to hijab, it's important that you choose one which makes you feel confident and comfortable. Opting for printed designs can add a touch of personal flair and reflect your individual style. It's about finding something that empowers you with confidence while feeling beautiful at the same time.

As wearing hijab challenges contemporary beauty standards in many cultures, its significance can have deep emotional meaning during adoption process. In areas where Hijabs are unpopular or unrecognized, donning one may lead to some self-consciousness as standing out is inevitable but know there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being unique!

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To feel confident in your hijab, it's important to choose a print that you find beautiful. With numerous patterns available - including florals, geometrics and abstracts - there is sure to be one that resonates with you. By selecting prints that appeal to your personal sense of beauty, wearing the hijab will boost your self-assurance!

Try out lots of wrap styles

Much like selecting a print, hijab styles provide an excellent avenue to showcase your personality. The options for hijabs are virtually endless with thousands of unique styles available. Whether you prefer Turkish wraps or turbans, it's worth exploring different types of wrap style that complement your features best. Consider trying out a new one every day until you find the most practical and fashionable option for yourself.

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Make sure you have wardrobe essentials

To complement your Hijab, it's important to invest in clothing essentials that align with your personal style. Many hijabis prefer simple and timeless pieces over intricate designs. Consider items such as white slacks for a classic preppy look or oversized blue jeans for an urban casual feel. Opt for versatile garments that match well with various hijabs you own. When selecting wardrobe staples, strive to maintain balance - if wearing busy patterned hijabs frequently, stick to solid-colored outfits; alternatively, pair plain Hijabs with bold patterns on tops or bottoms instead of opting heavily-patterned clothes altogether. For further guidance on modesty fashion styling tips & tricks: make sure to explore our comprehensive Modesty Styling Guide!

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Choose the right hijab for you

Exploring different styles and prints can help you find a hijab that enhances your appearance, giving you confidence while wearing it. When shopping for hijabs, take into account your face shape to ensure the best fit. For instance, if you have an elongated rectangular face structure, opt for a bandeau-style that partially covers the forehead area. Those with prominent cheeks may prefer patterns or designs that tone down their features instead of emphasizing them.

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When selecting a hijab print, it's important to factor in your skin tone. Which hues complement you the most? Perhaps some shades enhance your eye color or bring out the natural radiance of your complexion. These are all vital aspects to bear in mind when choosing both the hue and pattern for your hijab. To simplify things, take our convenient quiz that can assist with pinpointing which style suits you best within just a few questions!

Staying strong in your decision

Deciding to wear the hijab is a challenging task, as there are several aspects that need consideration. It can be an even more daunting process if you decide to embrace it later in your life or if you're new to this way of dressing. At times like these, doubts may plague you; however, with patience and dedication, one learns how necessary adjustments take time but pays off eventually.

If you're not accustomed to wearing hijab, consider starting small by only donning it at home until you feel more comfortable. Take baby steps in your journey and focus on gradual improvement every day.

Building a support network can be beneficial for you. Connect with women who share similar interests, whether they wear hijab or not, and receive guidance as you develop personally.

Keep in mind that your path towards modesty and wearing the hijab is unique to you alone. Allah recognizes your heart's pure intentions, which hold greater significance than anything else.

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