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In light of the two-year global pandemic that has disrupted our world, prioritizing self-care is crucial as anxiety and depression rates reach unprecedented heights worldwide.

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Self-care typically entails protecting and enhancing one's mental and physical health. However, the self-care approach varies from person to person. In my case, I indulge in strolling on a sunlit day by the seashore followed by plunging into its waters; for you though, it could be entirely distinct altogether.

Unsure about your self-care routine? Don't worry, we have it under control.

Here are 5 ways to practice self-care:

1-Learn To Say “No”

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The tough task is ahead of us. Numerous individuals consistently agree with everything, whether male or female. Do you belong to this category? Don't be afraid to decline. Resist the urge to please everyone and concentrate on what brings purpose into your life instead. Remember that an individual can't be present in multiple places at once, and accept that fact as fine.

2- Make Time For Yourself:

Me Time

To prioritize self-care, it's crucial to allocate some time for yourself. It complements the notion of rejecting requests that don't serve you well. Dedicate a portion of your day solely to activities that benefit you and cater to your needs - indulge in music, enjoy solitude, or take a stroll outdoors; whatever brings peace to your mind and body is entirely up to you. Frequently neglecting ourselves while focusing excessively on others can become all too common but setting aside personal time helps regain balance between our responsibilities towards others with taking care of ourselves.

3- Find What You Love To Do…Then Do It.

Getting a hobby is simple - find something that brings you joy. If gardening helps you relax, start planting some flowers. Enjoy painting? Take a class and hone your skills! It's crucial to have personal projects and hobbies that bring us peace, calmness, and serenity. Hobbies enrich our lives by bringing us happiness; they expand knowledge as well as allow for creative expression of emotions both positive and negative ones once cleansed through it all the same way we navigate life challenges with freedom regardless of difficulties encountered along the way.

4- Treat Yourself:

Taking care of yourself involves indulging in something that pleases you. It can be as simple as enjoying your favorite dessert, going on a special adventure, or adding some new wardrobe pieces to enhance your style. When feeling fatigued and stressed out, consider trying the traditional approach of "retail therapy." There's no denying how rewarding it feels when purchasing an article of clothing such as a beautiful hijab or striking ensemble - just for yourself!

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If you want to treat yourself by freshening up your wardrobe, check out our guides on finding your style, creating a mix-and-match wardrobe, and dressing modestly for petites and size.

5- Move Your Body:


Engage in any physical activity such as running, dancing, swimming, exercising, or jumping. It doesn't matter which one you choose because moving your body and increasing heart rate instantly benefits mood and overall health especially related to the heart. If feeling down or low on energy try playing your favorite tracks and dance around for an instant pick-me-up; if sports appeal more then go out jogging or lifting weights instead - all it takes is some form of exercise even small amounts can boost mood releasing endorphins while enhancing confidence levels too!

Despite common belief, self-care is not selfish in today's society. It can be easy to feel burdened by the needs of others, but neglecting your well-being will only lead to exhaustion and burnout. Take some time for yourself; indulge in activities that bring you joy and relaxation without feeling guilty about it. Remember: we may all be interconnected beings on this planet, but we cannot help anyone else if our cup is empty!

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