How to Buy

Placing an Order

Follow these simple steps to start shopping with Bokitta.


1. If you know what you're looking for, start shopping by selecting the product category links: e.g.Shop instant hijabs, Shop other products, Sale. You can also shop our latest product through the NEW ARRIVALS category link. If you have a specific product in mind or are unsure where to start, you can simply enter the HIJAB STYLE or PRODUCT NAME in the search box on the homepage. 

2. Make sure to check the different Instant Hijab Styles we have on our collection to choose the correct length and style that suits you.

3. Once you have found an item you want to buy, add the quantity you want and click on the 'ADD TO CART' button.

4. You can then either continue shopping or review the items in your shopping bag by clicking on the ‘SHOPPING BAG’ button in the upper right corner.

5. If you're happy with the items in your shopping bag, click 'CHECKOUT' to complete your order. You will be able to use the 'DISCOUNT COUPON’ if you have one to avail our limited offer discounts, or 'REMOVE’' button to remove products from your basket if you change your mind.

6. You may choose the Payment Option, language, and currency applicable to your region.

7. A confirmation email will be sent after your transaction has been completed.

8. Once your items are dispatched you will receive an email with the tracking number you can use to track your order.

Do you have any questions you can’t find the answers here or in our FAQ section? You can contact us through to ensure your query is dealt with today.

How can I choose the right hijab size for me?

All Bokitta pinless hijabs are one size fits all. The elastic material worn under the chin stretches to fit even the biggest head size.

You can check Bokitta's various Hijab Design Styles to understand the specs of each hijab design, and how your can wear the instant hijab with our simple youtube turotials.

Can I return an item that does not fit me properly?

Every time you make a purchase please double check the product description of each hijab style. Some provide headbands or elastic headbands instead of a Bokitta®Magic! Inner. If you receive the item and you wish to return it, Bokitta® will gladly accept returns for unused items within 3 days from the date you receive your package but shipping costs would be charged to you.

For further information, please visit the Returns policy section.